Thursday, September 13, 2007

i've been tagged

Jobs I've had
1. Babysitting
2. Gymnastics Teacher

Favorite Movies
1. How to lose a guy in 10 days
2. While you were sleeping
3. Just like heaven
4. Princess Diaries

Places I've lived
1. Morenci
2. Glendale

Guilty pleasures
1. Chocolate
2. Soda

Vacations I've been on
1. California
2. Rocky Point
3. Texas
4. Idaho

Favorite Foods
1. mashed potatoes
2. Steak
3. Mexican Food

Websites I visit
1. blog
2. hotmail
3. spark notes

Places I'd rather be
1. Beach
2. Sleeping
3. With Friends

Favorite books
1. the book of mormon
2. all the work and the glory books

Things I'd like to know how to do
1. cut hair
2. ball room dance
3. swing dance

Neglected body parts
1. fingernails

Things I worry about
1. my friends
2. my family
3. going to college

Happiest moments
1. EFY
2. being with nephews
3. dancing
4. having fun with friends

Things I want to do this year
1. organize my room
2. get good grades

People I'm tagging
1. anyone that hasn't done it yet


Stephanie said...

wahoo you posted. How are you doing.

Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

I feel like I know you already!!! LOL Thanks for finally adding something. You should do it more often!!

AudyCamp said...

i love reading these thingy bobbers!:)

John and Jacy said...

Wow- that was cool. I learned a lot about you. Glad you posted.