Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun Times

Last weekend me and my friends Anna and Lyndsay had a girls night! We went to the mall just to waste time. None of us were looking for something to buy but pretty much only for something to do. We took pictures of random things and tried on crazy stuff. After the mall we went to Annas house and watched a chick flick and ate pazookie while we put on face masks and nose strips. It was a typical girls night. A few of the other pictures from the slide show are from spirit week where me Anna and Amanda dressed up as the Power Puff Girls for Super Hero Day! We all have so much fun together and im so blessed to have awesome friends. Also the same weekend was winter formal, me and anna didn't exactly want to go so we helped our friends get ready and instead we went on a triple date. We had so much fun! I went with Cody, Anna went with Josh and our other friend Alanna went with Nick. First, we went to Nicks house where the guys made us a chinese dinner where we sat on pillows on the floor with a candle lit table and ate with chop sticks. Then we did a scavenger hunt at Walmart where each couple took pictures of 15 random thing, then we switched cameras and we had to put in our carts the 15 thing that the other couple took pictures of. It was very fun and quite interesting! There were no rules and i would say me and my date won. Everyone else says we cheated but i call it strategy because there were no rules. Let's just say dont leave your items or cart unattended because they might get "misplaced"!!


Anonymous said... um one there is not very many pictures of me so what is up with that???!!! Also, the one picture you do have of me you can see the retarded eye that I had!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change it!!! lol! Or you can just get more pics of me and you because lately we just dont have any lol!

Anonymous said...

um........yeah you need to update and soon because now your page is boring