Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's been awhile and i guess ill write something since theres not much else to do! I have to go back a few weeks since i haven't posted in awhile of whats been happening. At the beginning of March i won the state job interview contest for FFA, so i get to go to Nationals in Indiana around October. It consisted of a phone interview, 2 personal interview, and putting together a resume, cover letter and business card, and finishing it up with a follow up letter. That was pretty fun and something i could actually use in real life! I also recently got a job. It's at a Salon thats right next to my school. I like it so far, i stay busy. Last week was spring break and alot of fun. We vacationed with the shepherds and godowns in California. Me and Alena were the babysitters but im pretty sure we did more damage then we helped! Their kids are adorable and so fun to watch! Recently i also got a gym membership to the YMCA so this week i've been trying to lift weights and exercise. so im pretty much barely able to move i'm so sore!!


Papa Kane said...

No damage at all. You two were simply awesome to have along! It's also very nice to beat Shepherd on the comment portion of your blog. You and Alena are so in. We love you guys!!! Thanks for hanging out with our families.

Scott & Natalie

John and Jacy said...

Thank Goodness we had your help on this trip. We never would have survived. Congrats on the FFA award. You are amazing! Have you heard... We are never leaving town with out you again. So don't plan on moving away... we need you!